Kim Bagley


I make works from clay. Clay is earth; clay can be a skin. The pleasure and possibility of manipulating this tactile material drives me. I fire clay things, group them, (re)arrange them and break them up to think through ideas, objects, spaces and places. My ceramic objects are often musings of place and identities, hand-formed from clay and made permanent with fire.

I am from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

I work from the studios at 318 Ceramics, Farnham Pottery in the UK.


Current and forthcoming exhibitions & News

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When the Wind Blows - Lingwood Samuel Art

I will be showing with Lingwood Samuel as part of their Autumn exhibition.

This gallery in Godalming is always worth a visit.

Opens 10 September 2016.

12 Church Street



Watch this space

Exciting news to follow! Watch out for an announcement about an upcoming large-scale installation in 2017 with Patricia Mato-Mora.