Kim Bagley


Clay, which is earth, is my palette. Clay can be a skin. The pleasure and possibility of manipulating this tactile material drives my making. I fire clay things, group them, (re)arrange them and break them up to think through ideas, objects, spaces and places. My ceramic vessels - pottery - and figurative forms are often musings of place and identities, hand-formed from clay and made permanent with fire. I am an artist, a ceramist, a potter from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, practicing my craft in the UK.

~ Kim Bagley, 2011

Current and forthcoming exhibitions

Happy New Year to all my friends and  supporters. Thank you for following my artistic journey in 2014. 2014 was an exciting year for me with Africa and the West coming  together.

Surrey Artists’ Open Studios

Our team of 5 resident artists at 318 Ceramics, Farnham Pottery, will have our studios open to the public during June 2015 for the annual Summer Open Studios. Look out for SAOS  brochures  and check out what artists in the county are up to. The 318 team are Ashley Howard, Luisa Cacciotti, Roseanne Connolly, Judy Dibiase and myself. Our work ranges from beautiful tableware to thought-provoking installations.  

6-21 June 2015

The Farnham Pottery, Wrecclesham.  


© David Summerill, 2013

Photo: Steve White